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Mackeeper is a Mac cleanup application that clears cache files and other junk on Mac’s hard drive, protects Mac from viruses and promises to make your system run faster. However, the program is also known for its overly aggressive marketing strategy, hanging annoying ads everywhere and way too often. If you are one of the “lucky” ones who has installed MacKeeper and now wants to remove it, follow this article. You will learn two ways on how to correctly uninstall MacKeeper from your Mac. To remove MacKeeper completely we recommend you to use Combo Cleaner.

  • There are some additional settings for how you save passwords in Chrome that are available on the Passwords Chrome menu.
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Check all “Advanced”, “Custom” and other similar settings and decline offers to download or install additionally-included apps. Do not click intrusive ads that appear on dubious web pages, since they can open untrusted websites or even cause download/installation of unwanted applications. Instead of using illegal services and pages, you should download applications only from official websites. Additionally, advertisements are often embedded with malicious codes that trigger the installation of malware.

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Rather, it opens new browser tabs when you click on certain spots on the page. So, there isn’t a way to avoid Soap2day’s ads by being extra careful. Such advertisements usually can’t hurt you if you close them right away.

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So, to change your Chrome password, you must change your Google account password. To export your list of passwords, simply click on the “Export” button. A window will popup that will request you to enter your user account password. Once you’ve entered your password, a “Save” window will popup. Google Chrome’s failure to save passwords occurs on all devices due to many reasons, and knowing each reason can help you avoid the issue later on.

In some rare circumstances, however, you might’ve intended to save the password but missed the button and remove WinThruster picked Never. Now you might feel stuck, filling out the password over and over again. Let’s see how to use Chrome passwords to keep your web life easy and secure at the same time. And to be clear, Google stores your passwords in the cloud as well if you set up Chrome sync.