How to use advanced options in Windows 10 to access BIOS settings

You can record your activities in the drawing board of this application. The release of Windows 10 has brought a lot of changes in its displays and performances. Along with the new appearance, there are also some new and cool features. Also, if you need to ask for troubleshooting, show steps of using an application or collect images for articles about Windows 10, screenshots are always the best way for you. Therefore, this article gives you several methods on how to take screenshot on Windows 10. This is probably one of the oldest methods of creating screenshots.

To start your computer in safe mode, you need to restart it and then press the F8 key before the Windows logo appears. This will bring up a menu where you can select safe mode. There are a few things you can try to fix a blue screen on your computer. One is to restart your computer and see if that fixes the issue. You can also try reinstalling your operating system. If none of those solutions work, you may need to take your computer to a technician.

Give or take Tech Support using Quick Assist in Windows 11/10

The pre-installed Xbox Game Bar was meant to record game clips. However, it can also be used to screen record other things on your screen. You can re-install the Xbox and Xbox Game Bar app from Microsoft Store if removed in the past. While Xbox app and PowerPoint do get the job done, they aren’t ideal options.

  • The registry issue is something that many Windows users had to deal with.
  • For quite some time, Microsoft has been improving the overall experience on Windows 10 with new features and useful apps.
  • This is an option specific to tablet users or users with a touch screen or pen input device.

Press and hold the Detach key until the light on the key turns green. click here You’ll have a few seconds to detach it before it reconnects automatically. You can also try performing a Winsock reset if a network reset doesn’t fix the issue.

How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10 with 5 Easy Methods

This free application is easy to use, with a minimalistic user interface. It’s a reliable solution, especially when getting started, as it is not overwhelming. The tool has simple editing tools, and you can draw and add annotations in real-time to make your content more engaging. The software can record everything on your computer screen and you even have the option to only record certain areas of the screen. The files can be saved as .mp4, .avi, or image files. In the post-production phase, you get a few easy editing tools that let you, for example, trim your videos so you can remove unnecessary pauses or beginning/end footage.

To disable reminders about buying OneDrive or Microsoft Office:

If you want to record a screen with audio, hit the speaker icon to tick the box of “Record audio when I record a game” to allow Game Bar to record the screen with sound. You can also use the “Record that” button to start recording immediately. And if you’re all set with the video editing and it’s time to finally export the video, just look around on the left corner, and press the Export button.