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The most beautiful thing in life, I feel that I can never live without is to worship Allah. The gift of just “being.” We so often do not give ourselves permission to just “be.” To not have anything planned, to not get out of our pajamas, to spend a day of rest and not responsibilities. If you get a chance to do this, you have earned it, enjoy it, and let yourself free to know that not every second must be a productive one. No matter what you have said or done at any point before this exact minute, you have within you the power to make better choices and to change. Many of you have been lucky enough to know what tools already, and many of you have people in your life who are willing to help teach you tools to change your life and be the best version of yourself.

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  • As a result, the number of civilizations in the galaxy can be estimated as low as 9.1 x 10−13, suggesting a minimum value of 1, or as high as 15.6 million (0.156 x 109); for the calculations, see Drake equation.
  • Laughter moments with near and dear ones are the moments to cherish throughout the life.
  • Because oxygen was toxic to most life on Earth at the time, this posed novel evolutionary challenges, and ultimately resulted in the formation of Earth’s major animal and plant species.
  • Thank you John Cuddeback for giving us bitesize momentous thoughts.
  • This can help us understand thatwe’re programmed to focus on the negative aspects of our lives.But it’s time to go beyond that.
  • A person who is grateful for the things they own will care for them, enjoy them, and waste less energy seeking more.
  • During cell division these chromosomes are duplicated in the process of DNA replication, providing each cell its own complete set of chromosomes.

A survival technique, we are exquisitely aware of the terrible, the threatening, and the scary things in life. For TLC straight to bank clothing uk your inbox + life-affirming words I don’t share anywhere else, just say the word. Hello there, this is my initial visit to your wonderful domain. I trully feel the quote that not only captured my attention but also reflects near the journey I’ve seemed to have been surviving through, seems very close to the following read #25. Thank you for being the light to remind us and share these powerful words …. Because life has no purpose, we get to decide what our purpose is.

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This is where “I want to be ready and then I will start” comes in. In this beautiful journey called life, we experience so many beautiful emotions, from anger, to love, to fear, to happiness, but the one thing that allows us to experience all of this is called time. Through time we grow, we fall in love, we get to hate and forgive.

The molecular mechanisms of cell biology are based on proteins. Most of these are synthesized by the ribosomes through an enzyme-catalyzed process called protein biosynthesis. A sequence of amino acids is assembled and joined together based upon gene expression of the cell’s nucleic acid.


Complex systems biology is a field of science that studies the emergence of complexity in functional organisms from the viewpoint of dynamic systems theory. The latter is also often called systems biology and aims to understand the most fundamental aspects of life. Alternative but closely related approaches focus on the interdependence of constraints, where constraints can be either molecular, such as enzymes, or macroscopic, such as the geometry of a bone or of the vascular system. Abiogenesis, also known as the Origin of Life, is the natural process of life arising from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds. Since its primordial beginnings, life on Earth has changed its environment on a geologic time scale, but it has also adapted to survive in most ecosystems and conditions. New lifeforms have evolved from common ancestors through hereditary variation and natural selection, and today, estimates of the number of distinct species range anywhere from 3 million to over 100 million.

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That’s why I think love is the most beautiful thing in the world, because without it, life sometimes wouldn’t make sense. As it is, it immerses you in a new range of emotions, making your life more interesting and more special. Hanson emphasizes the need to connect with one’s happiness.This can only be achieved by reprogramming the brain, thereby taking advantage of its neuroplasticity. You have to change your thoughts and behaviors and feel new emotions to shape your reality. Because those beautiful things are still there, invisible and intangible.

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There is no current scientific consensus as to how life originated. Life can also be modeled as a network of inferior negative feedbacks of regulatory mechanisms subordinated to a superior positive feedback formed by the potential of expansion and reproduction. It has also been argued that the evolution of order in living systems and certain physical systems obeys a common fundamental principle termed the Darwinian dynamic. The Darwinian dynamic was formulated by first considering how macroscopic order is generated in a simple non-biological system far from thermodynamic equilibrium, and then extending consideration to short, replicating RNA molecules. The underlying order-generating process was concluded to be basically similar for both types of systems.

I know because I was standing behind the bar and people were sitting at there maskless. It would have never occurred to me then that things might change. Little things like sitting next to a person you don’t know in public without a mask on. I can’t let me down, I am the only thing that is capable of deciding what is beautiful to me, and I believe I am.

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Instead of abiding by laws to appease God, we meet Jesus, who came to earth, lived a perfect life, and died so that we don’t have to. I think just about everyone would be okay with a God who just did everything for us and we could just go back to living how we wanted to. Scripture paints a beautiful picture of God, who loves us TOO MUCH to let us just do what we want, to keep on sinning. He loves us SO MUCH that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die so that we might have a relationship with Him. Fossils are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past.